Bluetooth Speakers

I just joined Zwift paid membership

in my new home with two bluetooth speakers in the house, as soon as i turn on Zwift the speakers start buzzing trying to connect and disconnect, this will go on for the entire time i am setting up Zwift and it is very disconcerting.

any other reports of this nature?



As far as i’m aware, Zwift (the desktop application) does not support Bluetooth.

There is a Bluetooth beta going on right now. Check out the Zwift Feedback forum. Its a sticky post at the top of the list.

The beta BT uses your phone and the Zwift mobile app to actually connect to BT sensors and then the phone relays that data to the app via WiFi.

FYI, BT, WiFi, cordless phones, and microwave ovens, among many other things, all use the same frequency spectrum (~2.4 GHz) so any one of these things can cause interference and the issue you are experiencing.