Mac OS Bluetooth, Neo and speakers

Did a search but could find a good match for this so here goes:

I’ve been running Zwift on a MacBook Pro for 3 years, off which 2 have been with a Tacx Neo and an Ant+ dongle, never had any real connectivity issues.
I’ve just got a JBL Bluetooth speaker, which is paired to the laptop.
I have never paired the Neo to the laptop via Bluetooth as I only use it with the Ant+ dongle.

Now, as soon as Zwift starts and connect to the trainer and the HRM (all via Ant+), the speaker stops working and the trainer shows up in the Bluetooth menu bar. I’ve deleted all other pairings (with phones etc.) so the speaker is the only device that is paired with the laptop. When I Quit Zwift the speaker works again. Sometimes I can get it to wrk by turning the speaker on/ off a few times and/ or by deselecting the Neo from Zwift pairing and reconnecting it (via Ant+).
So it looks like Zwift is constantly pinging and looking for BT devices, making the Neo send signals as well.
Is there a way to force Zwift not to use BT at all? In the paring screen there’s the toggle between BT and Companion and the BT is always ON and Companion is greyed out.