Bluetooth serial failure has occurred

macOS Big Sur 11.1
latest Zwift launcher & app

Issue: if I have my UE Mega Boom 2 speakers (latest firmware) connected via BT to my Mac, when I launch Zwift, it automatically starts scanning BT devices and encounters “A Bluetooth serial failure”, as per the screenshot attached Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 23.01.31|264x280. Notably, it opens nonstop new windows claiming such a failure Screenshot 2020-12-30 at 10.15.12|690x424.

It seems to me that I cannot disable the BT scanning Zwift performs (I use the ANT+ channel for Zwift), which is something that would fix my problem, I guess.

I have the same problem but I am not on BT and I am on macbook pro. Did you manage to solve this problem at all? For me Zwift is becoming unusable and the intensity of this pop-ups seems to get worst each time I try to log in

Dear Laura,

I just gave up hope of being connected to my speakers when zwifting. If you are using the ANT+ signal to stream power and whatsoever just try disabling the BT on your mac before opening zwift and re-enable it afterward.


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Grazie mille. I’ll try this next time =)