Complete bluetooth failure on macOS

If macOS’ bluetooth service restarts/resets for any reason (mine did for some reason during a race today), Zwift loses the ability to connect via bluetooth.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start Zwift
  2. Connect Zwift Hub via bluetooth
  3. Start ride, check that we have power readings
  4. In terminal, sudo pkill bluetoothd - this will restart bluetooth
  5. The Zwift hub will unpair/stop reporting power (the same for other bluetooth devices).
    Reconnection may (but not always) appear to work on the pairing screen, but won’t once the pairing screen is left.
  6. Have to select ANT+ or restart Zwift in order to connect.

Experienced and minimal test done on macOS Sonoma 14.1

Not entirely sure this is the best place to submit a bug report - but there’s no other obvious place. Tried to include all pertinent information.

The other place you could report this is to Zwift support

I couldn’t find where to post direct to Zwift. I just get funnelled to the AI assistant.

Persist with the chatbot. If you keep telling it that its suggestions don’t help, then eventually you’ll get to a form that you can fill in to contact Zwift support.