Game issues and crashes when pairing Bluetooth headphones

Hey Zwifters,

Users have reported various issues in game when pairing Bluetooth headphones, ranging from error message pop ups to game crashes. A current workaround is waiting until you are in game to turn on Bluetooth headphones. I’ll update this post once we receive new information, thank you for your patience!


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I think I stumbled across the bug for the first time on one of the Zwift academy social rides - sennheiser hd 4.40bt connected over Bluetooth to a Logitech 2.1 speaker setup, zwifting on an iPad (2018)…

Made sure headphones were disconnected from the iPad before starting Zwift… But when I turned off the headphones during the social ride, my whole iPad froze (first time ever) and eventually rebooted and was able to re-commence ride.

Of course, by then I’d lost out on the social aspects of the ride so didn’t get the credit ony ZA progress :frowning:

I had a similar problem with the android app and pairing a bluetooth keyboard

I have realized that when using my Bose Soundsport Headphones connected vía Bluetooth to the Ipad’s Spotify (I always connect to Spotify before launching Zwift), the ERG mode starts behaving strangely in planned workouts (it starts with small delays on actual power vs the targeted one in the set and going up to 5min delays!)… today I stopped the headphones and all of a sudden in the next set it synch the actual and target power in only couple of seconds!
I will keep monitoring in the next session without Headphones since that was becoming very disappointing…

I’ve been getting this for years, and it’s infuriating that Zwift haven’t fixed it yet.

It happens on 3 different Mac computers, with multiple Bluetooth headphones. If they are paired to the Mac and I go into the Zwift equipment pairing screen (either on startup or in game with the A key), I get an error message window that continuously pops up every second, stacking on to of each other. It also kills my headset pairing, sometimes requiring machine reboot to fix.