Zwift Crashes - Pairing on iPad


  • Start Zwift App on iPad.
  • Select User.
  • On “Paired Devices” screen, after around 1-20 sec’s, the app crashes.

Issue started in December 2020, after working fine since September.
Attempted every day now for 2 weeks - Crashes every time.

Tried all recommended steps, with no luck

  • Uninstall and delete Zwift App and Files.
  • Restart iPad.
  • Cleared out storage on iPad: > 16GB free.
  • Repeatedly restarting Zwift.
  • Bluetooth access enabled for Zwift App.

Symptoms consistent with issue reported by Zwift here:
However the device is a new iPad, whereas this issue is reported to only occur on older Apple devices:

System Specs
Zwift v1.0.60611

  • 8th Generation (latest)
  • iPadOS 14.3
  • Capacity 32GB
  • Bluetooth access enabled for Zwift App.

Update to latest iPad OS (14.3)

Verify that Bluetooth is enabled for Zwift: Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth

Problem appears to be solved by Zwift App Version v1.0.60639 !

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