Problem with Ipad pro when connecting bluetooth

Hello all,

I have a problem with Zwift on my Ipad pro. When the ipad detect the bluetooth captors (HRM, home trainer), the application crash and close.

Yesterday, all was fine, and today, it doesn’t work.

My config is :

  • Ipad Pro 1st generation
  • Zwift 1.6.60611
  • HT tacx neo smart
  • HRM Garmin

The memory of the Ipad is less the a quart, all others apps are closed, battery is fine.

Is somebody have the same problem ?


Having exactly the same issue.
From log files, it seems that a neighbourhood BLE device is detected by zwift and associated.
(Even if it’s not one of ly devices)

It crash during the association or something like that.
If Bluetooth is switched off, you can go ahead the connection and observe someone.

I reported the issue to zwift and got a classic ‘reboot, reinstall, retry…’

I have a iPhone 11 reinstalled the App already and have the same problem. The App chrashes at the pairing screen. Yesterday all was good.