Bose Soundsport heart rate monitor

(Long Bui) #1



I’m am trying to pair the bose soundsport wireless headphones, which also has a heart rate monitor, to zwift but it seems that it does not recognise it. 


Has anyone had any experience with this?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

This is going to sound silly, but if you unpair the headphones from your phone, can Zwift then see them and pair to them?  

(Long Bui) #3

I tried that - didn’t work. 

I can pair the headphones to my laptop fine - and get the music running.

But nothing recognised for the heart rate monitor.

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Can you link me to the exact headphones you bought? 

(Long Bui) #5

(Jon Mayfield) #6

We’ll pick some of these up to test at Zwift on Wednesday so we can understand in more detail how they pair, how they perform, etc.  I’ll try and get back to you once we have them.   In the meantime maybe another user has these and may possibly know of a fix.

(Long Bui) #7

Awesome, thanks Jon! 

(Long Bui) #8

Interestingly - it works with zwift on iPhone fine. 

Not sure why it’s not working with macbook pro.

(m c) #9

Hi Jon Mayfield, 

Is there a solution for this problem? 

(Dominic Leblanc) #10

same for me… it works on iPhone 7 but not on windows 10…