can't install BLE panobike heart rate monitor

ok this is my setup and how i connect to zwift. i run off macbook and my wifi connection is around 135mps. i have iPhone 6s and both apple devices have the newest updates. i run bluetooth panobike speed and cadence to my iPhone and via wifi to the macbook. then i own a panobike heart rate monitor and i can connect to my iPhone but not to the game but only once i connected. i go through the process like they say to connect my BLE devices to sync with the game. i see my speed and cadence and it works when riding, but the device window never shows my HRM but once. has anyone else had this issue besides me?

Hi Joshua,

Don’t connect the HRM to the phone. Just follow the procedure to let Zwift use your iPhone as a Bluetooth bridge. Then search for it in Zwift.

I do believe connecting it directly to the phone does not allow the information to pass through to Zwift.

Ok how do I do that? Is it in the knowledge base part of your website? Guess I will look there. If I try to connect HRM to MacBook the Mac won’t find it. 

Hi Joshua,

  1. Get Bluetooth set-up on Zwift

  2. Start mobile app and make sure Bluetooth is enabled in the Zwift mobile app

  3. Open the pairing screen in Zwift and pair your devices there

Just don’t pair it to the phone beforehand.

Ok so I should forget this device in my Bluetooth settings on my iPhone for my HRM and it will find my HRM on zwift computer program. I set up Bluetooth on zwift like typing blebeta on the ride screen and then click a to pair up my ble devices correct 

That should work. Let me know if it does or doesn’t!

ok i got it to work. i forgot the sensor in my iPhone settings and swift did pick it up. i had to un sync my cadence and speed from swift every time i want to ride and son first my HRM and then sync my ble cadence and speed sensor. 

thanks for the help

Great to hear! We’re working on ways to remember specific set-ups but it’s tricky as Zwift needs to know they are broadcasting and, many times, sensors will not start to broadcast until there’s movement.