BT Pair with Rhthym

(Mitch Godfrey) #1

I am trying to connect a Sosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor to Zwift via blue tooth.

  1. The window 10 laptop can see the Rhythm

  2. My iPhone can see the Rhythm

I can pair it with either device. 

Zwift does not see it however. I have paired it with some other windows apps that require the Rhythm to be paired to the laptop first. That also works.

Even when the Rythym is not paired with anything Zwift just won’t see it.

Also, it is the first and only device that I am attempting to connect at the moment.

Lost as to what to try next.

Thanks much for you help

(Paul Allen) #2

You will need to use the Zwift Mobile Link app on a phone to bridge the Bluetooth connect to the PC. You cannot connect Bluetooth devices directly to the PC for use with Zwift as of yet.