Bluetooth keeps dropping bike to No Signal state

Bluetooth keeps dropping the bike mid-ride on brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. The devices are never disconnected and Zwift continues to see the devices, but it says No Signal across all 3 nodes and only restarting the app will solve the problem. Appears completely randomly from 3 minutes into the ride to over an hour.

No issues with HR chest strap, this one keeps working throughout the ride. Using Stages SB20, the issue affects the Stages Bike node across all Power, Cadence and Controllable devices. Connecting the former 2 directly to left power meter works, leaving the Controllable unfunctional and without signal, as the Stages Bike node is the only one you can connect the Controllable to.

While Zwift drops the signal, the bike stays connected and working with the Stages Link app on my phone. Also no issues with Windows Laptop or Android phone (OnePlus 9 Pro).

The issue was present with previous game version as well as this.

Hi André, thanks for reaching out!

The “No Signal” error is an indication that your sensor’s signal is being stolen by another device or app. Be sure to close all other apps that this could be connecting to and check your devices’ bluetooth connections. If the sensor pairs to the device directly this will also prevent it from pairing to Zwift.

Give this a shot and let us know how it goes!

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Hi @Andre_Gepard

Thanks for sharing your issue, and I’m sorry to hear about that.

To my knowledge, the most common reason for BLE dropouts is wireless signal interference. I’m a long time Zwift tech support agent, so this is something I’m quite familiar with. I took the liberty of briefly examining some of your recent Zwift app sessions using my internal tools, and I’m seeing a number of “BLE write errors” as well as “BLE disconnect” and “BLE reconnect” errors. As I understand it, these errors are often synonymous with wireless signal interference.

Work through all of the suggestions in this article, and see if that helps.

I’ve also seen it before where the heart rate monitor is the culprit, so it would be interesting to know if you did a ride after removing the HR chest strap from your environment, do you still get BLE dropouts on the Stages SB20?

Otherwise, if issues persist, I’d strongly advise that you submit a support request to our team, and we’ll likely need to examine your log files in order to see what else might be going on. You can reach us here.