Bluetooth devices connect, but No Signal [January 2022] [Windows11]

Adding my name to the list of people with this issue. Freshly updated to windows 11 and consistently getting ‘no signal’ in Zwift when using laptop. Worked fine previously on Windows 10. Have had to resort to Zwift on iPad mini for now. However expect an actual working solution from Zwift instead of all of us having to find their own workaround.

Me too. MacBook Air, constant no signal since latest update. All working fine with iPad and iPhone…

hello Laurent, I am struggling to get Zwift working since 2 months (since I moved to Win 11). Please advise, when can we have a solution.

That could indicate that issue is not even with windows 11 or apple OS, just on the side of Zwift? Hope we get any feedback soon.

Hi everyone,

I just recently joined the Zwift community and i’m encountering the same issues as mentioned in this topic. However unlike everyone in this topic, i’m on the newest version of Windows 10 and thus not 11. My Garmin Speed Sensor 2 is continuously paired but I keep getting the ‘connection failure’ message when I start I ride, while my device remains connected in the app.

Unfortunately, the error message remains the same when I use my iPhone as a standalone device instead of a bridge. Thanks @Matt_Hinsley for providing a workaround, this works for know but is very laggy indeed.

Hope to see this fixed soon and get to start with indoor cycling.

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I have an HP Envy laptop. it used to run Zwift with no problems, but a couple of months ago my HRM kept going ‘No Signal’ in the middle of a ride. Once I’d ‘upgraded’ to Windows 11, it happened not only to the HRM, but also to all the other sensors - Cadence, Power and Controllable - I have a Saris H3 trainer. I tried all the suggestions on this thread and they got me nowhere. Everything worked fine if I used my Huawei Mediapad Android tablet, but it’s only an 8" screen and it’s right at the cutover between my near and distance vision so I couldn’t read the small numbers.

So I spent £15 on an ANT+ dongle for my laptop and now everything works. There is clearly something amiss with the way Zwift talks to Bluetooth devices on Windows.

Hi Lauren, I am using a kickr core, and everything was working great with windows 10…upgraded to windows 11, now have resistance permanently stuck on easy, zero hill feedback. Slider shows 50% but actual is easy. Also the watts occasionally drop out as if I’m no longer riding mod ride. This does not occur when running Zwift off iPhone, so only a windows issue. Please help