Bluetooth devices connect, but No Signal [January 2022] [Windows11]

Hey everyone! I’ll be reaching out to some of you via e-mail in order to get more info for the bug report.

For everyone else, though, don’t worry: as soon as I hear about a fix or workaround, I’ll keep you posted.


Hi Lauren, I am a new Zwifter about one month now, and I have been experiencing the same issue. I just recently upgraded my new laptop to Windows 11 (it has everything required) and now I cannot get my laptop to pair to Wahoo Kickr axis v5 successfully. The pairing screen shows paired, then it loses connection and my avatar won’t move. Yesterday I paired it through the Companion App (Apple) and the pairing screen on the laptop showed it was paired and I was able to get through the course, however I had no active map no indicating arrow, no thumbs up on the Companion App screen on the iPhone. This morning I paired using the Companion App and it “seemed” OK but I don’t think that the cadence and Watts are as accurate. Just an FYI.
I love “zwifting” and hope this issue can be corrected soon.
Thank you,

add me to this issue please.
just upgraded to win 11 after watching gpllamas video.
now BT will erratically connect to kickrv5 but then quickly say no signal
tickr v2 is working just fine on BT.

wheres that dircon support please!


i found some newer drivers for my asus/realtek bt-500 here
that solved this issue, zwift now showing data from kickrv5 via BT (i did not do a long ride as its bedtme now)

morning update data showing up on pairing page goes to zero as soon as i enter the actual ride. so no driver fix :frowning:

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I am having the same issues. Zwift drops my bluetooth as soon as I enter the game. My trainer and heart rate monitor both drop. This is despite when starting the zwift app, both units connect.
I am running widows 11
Elite SuitoT
coospo heart rate monitor.

Very frustrating.

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Hello together,

same here with Windows 11 on a surface pro 7.

If there is a beta that i can test, let me know, i will install it for a test. :slight_smile:



Don’t worry, we are all beta testers.

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Probably no surprises here, but no improvement with the latest update:

Launcher 1.0.52
Game 1.0.100133

Downgrading my AMD adrenalin drivers to 21.8.2 fixed my BTE issues (no signal) on win 11
just rode all-nighter, worked great no dropouts!
I do not understand how video drivers could affect BTE but I suppose there is a fair amount of bloatware in those adrenalin drivers for stuff I never need.

Hi Lauren:
I downgraded my AMD adrenaline drivers to 21.8.2 and my BT connections to my kickrv5 started working again (no more “no signal”) when entering a world. I do not understand how a video driver could affect BT but just got in 90 minutes of solid riding!!


and 11/21/21 - BT back to no signal (and will not pair cadence from kickr at all using BT)
I checked my drivers did not auto update - still 21.8.2. so i am back to using ANT+ with 5 to 10% dropouts according to zwiftalyzer. my wifi is on channel 1 and i am using an extension USB.
please get dircon working it has been almost a year.

Hi guys, I have the same problem since I upgraded to windows 11
I post to see the evolution

That’s really interesting… I do wonder what the connection was between the AMD adrenalin update and Bluetooth, maybe installing a new driver performed some kind of background driver “refresh” for all system drivers, including BLE, and this made it work temporarily.

It may be worth trying and seeing if going into Device Manager and disabling/enabling your bluetooth drivers fixes the issue in the same way. Obviously not an ideal or long-term solution but could definitely provide some more clues for a real fix.

Think I’ve posted in a different thread, but BT has completely busted for me since a combination of windows 11 and a zwift update.

I cannot pair my trainer or a PM+trainer (garmin vectors) at all, pair then get ‘no signal’. I have to use ZC to pair, which is super frustrating as I do workouts on my mobile from another app and ride around zwift. This now cannot be done at all.

Happy to test anything, submit logs etc.

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FWIW, I have an Nvidia GPU, not AMD. I don’t see any correlation between GPU drivers and Zwift BT working or not. I’ve randomly had BT working at least twice in W11 out of dozens of attempts, but can’t explain what may have caused it.

Hi Lauren. Same issues for me. Brand new W11 laptop used for the first time yesterday and time wasted with Bluetooth signal continuously dropping. It wasn’t usable.

I also have problems after upgrading my system to windows 11: zwift runpod doesn’t works anymore. I can pair it with success, but it doesn’t send data. Previously I had no problems with windows 10

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New Windows 11 build. Bluetooth not working as well…

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Same here, latest zwift Game. Kickr Snap - Bluetooth connection with Windows 11 is not working.
After some seconds " No signal".
Zwift was working for 1,5 years for me with that setup.

No fix.
Please Admins give a statemant. As paying user we dont want do try 10 workaround tryouts and read couple of Forumthreads.

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These statements are mutually exclusive, in fairness.

The thread has been marked as a known issue, so hopefully they’re working on it.

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Add me to the list of people having bluetooth drop out when entering the game. Seems to pair fine but then shows ‘no signal’ when going back to the connection screen after starting a session.

Running windows 10.

It seems to work fine if I pair using the companion app (android phone) although the last few sessions I’ve done have been training in ERG mode, so yet to try it in game mode via the companion app.

The trainer pairs no problem with other subscription programs.

Be nice to see some progress on this issue. Very frustrating.

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Still not fixed with latest update.

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