Bluetooth connections frozen at Paired Devices screen - HRM not connected - Windows 10

I’m using the newest version of Zwift for Windows with a PC running Windows 10 19045.4291. I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard/traackpad and a Bluetooth HRM. Once I get to the Paired Devices screen in Zwift, the Bluetooth keyboard quits functioning and the HRM is not detected. Even if I switch to a different app, the Bluetooth keyboard is not functional until I quit the Zwift app. After Zwift is closed, the Bluetooth keyboard is useable again.

Bluetooth is not 100% crippled with Zwift. I used a non-Bluetooth keyboard to poke around the Zwift menus for a while and then returned to the Paired Devices screen. The Bluetooth keyboard was working and the HRM was detected. However, i wasn’t able to repeat this situation. Help please.

Are you using your internal BT connection, or do you have an external dongle? It might just be that your current BT device isn’t strong enough to be able to handle all the signals. Just the first thought that comes to mind.

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I’m using a USB Bluetooth dongle. The PC is quite old. I don’t want to create a direct connection between the PC and the HRM so I’ll try to connect other Bluetooth devices at the same time to test this theory.

It could be upstream from the actual dongle then too if the PC is old, yeah. FWIW, I run Zwift on a 2020 Win10 laptop, connecting my trainer, HRM, and BT mouse (and sometimes accidentally some headphones if I forgot to disconnect them). I sometimes get some drops from my HRM, but I think that’s because it’s old (like…11+years old). I use a dongle for a more reliable connection, but Zwift itself doesn’t seem to cut anything off for me. (Not that there couldn’t be a bug for you.)

I now think that my problem is probably a low battery in the HRM. (The HRM doesn’t have an external battery level indicator.) I used a non-Bluetooth keyboard to run Zwift and when I got to the Paired Devices screen, my HRM wasn’t detected. I stood close to the PC while Zwift searched for the HRM. The HRM appeared in the Zwift search results with a low battery indicator on the screen.

After this realization, I stood close to the PC while starting Zwift with the Bluetooth keyboard. The pairing process was normal again - my HRM was detected and the keyboard was useable. I guess the stress of searching for the HRM was freezing the Bluetooth connections. Thanks for the ideas.

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Hi @Mark_Steven, thanks for reaching out to us in this forum thread.

Zwift supports all HRM models on the market that connect via ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) using open standards. Would you please check your HRM model? Also, I’m attaching these BLE and ANT+ Interference Troubleshooting Tips including the most common causes of interference and some possible solutions. I would appreciate to give a try and see if it makes a difference.

If the issue persists please, contact our support for further assistance with your specific situation.

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