Bluetooth connection lost mid ride and wont reconnect

Just used the Android app for the first time, I’ve had the same problem too on S10+. Quit app and restart is my workaround for now. Good luck with the fix.

I have experienced the same issue. I received a text message during a ride and lost Bluetooth connection to the trainer (S8 and kickr1). Fortunately it was a message from my wife so had to finish up my ride in any case so no biggie :slight_smile:

is the no signal issue related to pairing different power sources and cadence sensors when using a smart trainer? i still can’t get anything else to work if i have paired a controllable trainer.

either power and cadence from my power meter or power, cadence and control from my smart trainer.

I also have that same issue. I can use power and control from smart trainer or power and cadence from separate power meter. I cannot pair both at the same time due to a “no signal” error.

Today was my first ride since the latest update and I had tons of signal drops but they reconnected within one or two seconds. Occasionally when it reconnected it would also spike my power up to 444 watts. The only thing that has changed is the update to Zwift. Anyone else experiencing this?

mine has been working as before since the latest update - what device/trainer are you using?

Windows 10, Wahoo blueSC on a dumb trainer (fluid2) I’ll ride again tonight and see if the problem persists.

Are you using any other BlueTooth devices like bluetooth headphones or speakers.


Sorry if you have tried the but This is just things I think off.

Did you replace your speed sensor battery? They do go wonky if they are running low.

Do you have any other devices that can pair with the speed sensor like a phone, you may want to disconnect them.

If you are using windows I would suggest using an ANT+ dongle for better performance. If your speed sensor support ANT+.

Mike thanks for details.

I’ll pass along your feedback to the Windows BLE team.

(This forum area is geared for Android-only issues, but we are keen on BLE feedback regardless of platform)

Thanks for patience as we sort this out.

Sorry, didn’t realize this thread was for android. The weather has been nice so I haven’t been on Zwift again since Tuesday when all the drops were happening to see if it was continuing to happen or just a fluke.

Update: Rode last night for the first time in a while and everything worked perfectly. There was another update applied as I launched Zwift too, but of course we have NO IDEA what was in the update because update notes are never released anymore…

Do you have any updates? I’ve been using my Wahoo HRM, but I sold it a yesterday, so I’m stucked with my new dual HRM from Garmin. I will try it later today, just wanted to know if what should I expect (and if I should buy a Decathlon one in the meantime)

Hi Zwift Team, any updates? I was just 500m from the finish line in a race and then it dropped out again and wouldn’t reconnect :confounded:


Oh, that sucks royally. I’m very sorry about the dropout during your race finish.

Did you open up a support ticket w/ ?

We need to examine the logs and other details, so we can get to the bottom of this.

Again, sincere apologies.

Hi, similar problem here:

My configuration:

  • Phone: Sony XZ premium (G8141) with Android 9
  • Trainer: Wattbike pro with Bluetooth
  • Zwift: last version
  • HR Monitor: Garmin HRM-DUAL Heart Rate Monitor connected wia ANT+ to the wattbike and to my phone using the bluetooth.

I have also Spotify open in background and I listen the music with my headphone using the mini-jack.

The problem is: if my phone changes focus and Zwift goes temporarily in background when it goes back in foreground I lose the connection with my HRM.

A practical example: I connect everything (HRM to Wattbike through ANT+, wattbike to zwift and HRM to zwift through BT) and everything works perfectly. I start my workout, at certain point someone call me through Whatsapp, the phone put WhatsApp in foreground, I don’t answer, and the phone goes back on Zwift. Now I don’t see my HRm values anymore, my heartbeat is 0. I put the system on pause, I go to the bluetooth menu, I can see that the HRM is disconnected, I try to reconnect it, I can see it on my list, i click on my HRM but it doesn’t reconnect. I can still read my heartbeat on my wattbike but the software doesn’t see it anymore, I tried multiple times but the only way to reconnect the HRm is to restart Zwift and lose the workout.

I’m sorry but I didn’t do any screenshot.


P.s. Wouldn’t be better to receive the heartbeat value from the wattbike instead of having a double connection to the Wattbike and the HRM?

Mine does the same. This is a very annoying bug that Zwift need to fix.I gave up with Zwift support who said I must fix my bluetooth interference. Trainerroad never has this problem.

Put a few of your log files in and see is you have any bluetooth issues. Zwift can only report what the sensor send.

these programs work very differently, TR only have to sample your sensors a few times minute and it wont make a difference because you are not competing/influencing against other riders, with Zwift it need to be as accurate as possible.

Have you never had disconnects with the Android Zwift application? I spent ages with Zwift support and no fix. I don’t have any disconnects with the Mac Zwift application. Its a Zwift Android issue.

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You got me, I did not realize this is the Android forum… :flushed: sorry for that. Let me fix my comment above.

I use a windows pc. I did test Android for fun but prefer my PC with keyboard and multiple screens. :slight_smile: