Bluetooth broke with update [September 2021] [1.17.0] [Windows10] [SOLVED]

I have this exact issue. Works fine on iPhone. On Windows 10 it will connect fine, and even show bpm sometimes, but most of the time just 0bpm or no signal. Can somebody please look in to this?

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When it wasn’t working for me the other day, I tried to use the “Companion App” for bluetooth instead. This saw my Tacx Neo 2T just fine, but wouldn’t see my heart rate monitor. Just as a test, I switch on my wahoo cycle computer and this picked up the heart rate monitor just fine. Switched it off, and still nothing in Zwift. It would occasionally say “connected” by with “no signal”. Whatever that means.

On completion of my workout, I went back to the pairing screen and low and behold the heart rate monitor was now working and showing heart rate data.

Something appears to be seriously broken here.

I never have this issue with Sufferfest.

Note: I’ve also tried reinstalling by bluetooth chipset drivers, in case something weird going on (despite it working fine for my trainer), but as expected this made no difference. I have also purchased a USB bluetooth dongle, but this too exhibits the same behaviour

Seriously frustrating as this HRM works flawlessly with my Wahoo headunit when cycling outdoors, and using other apps. The only thing I have a problem with is Zwift. I’ve had to take myself off the roster for racing for my Zwift national racing club for this reason, as I’d be DQ’d if this happened in a race!!!

This solution did not work for me
I can connect, both through the desktop app and on mobile, but get the “No Signal” error
I have completely uninstalled/reinstalled the zoom desktop app and restarted the computer and the apps and the hardware (multiple times at this point). I attempted the .dll download/replacement + restart but it didn’t help. Any other workarounds/solutions?

Connection: Blue Tooth
Specs: TacX Neo 2T Firmware version: 0.0.38

  • Trainer transmits power data to the Garmin app and works with the Garmin software

Desktop: Dell running Windows 11; 8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz
Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S9; Android version 10

Any other suggestions?

Yeah my zwift on my laptop is completely broken unfortunately, means I cannot train on my phone and ride in zwift (which I did religiously, previously to this broken state)

Poking around in the logs, only entry of note is:

[13:12:23] BLE : Sending DEVICE - BLE DISCONNECT ERROR [ UUID: 232451588956431 ]

You can see when I’m doing things, going into pairing screen and adding/removed devices:

[13:11:57] ==========================================================

[13:11:57] Cadence: V3 BLE:0851985 71 (0x136FE147) [BLE]

[13:11:57] Power: V3 BLE:0851985 71 (0x136FE147) [BLE]

[13:11:57] Heart Rate: HRM-Dual:139846 164 (0x1E4657A4) [BLE]

[13:11:57] Non-Selected: Hammer 64150 92 (0x1742815C) [BLE]

[13:11:57] ==========================================================

So that entry above is when everything is paired. I then exited the screen, attempted to ride around, ‘no signal’ nothing worked etc. Opened the screen again and used ZC to pair

Between the above, and the ZC pair, the only notable things are:

[13:11:57] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state

[13:11:58] NETCLIENT:[INFO] Auxiliary Controller attempting to connect to phone at:

[13:11:58] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state

(this happens over and over)

The one line I pasted above: [13:12:23] BLE : Sending DEVICE - BLE DISCONNECT ERROR [ UUID: 232451588956431 ]

Then nothing of note until I go into the pair screen again.