Blank / black photos from Zwift companion app

I’ll try this next time!

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No, It’s 2 years that I use the same pc and same TV…

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This is a hard one. :thinking:

More things to try,

Update graphics drivers.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:
Issue solved with Windowed mode.
Have a nice day!

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That is good to hear.

I also use windowed mode. If you want to have it look like full screen you can use a app like borderlessgaming to make it look like full screen.

I have this issue. Here’s the Pictures\ZWift folder on Win10:

You can see that the _clean photos are there, but the other photos are blank. Furthermore, there are 3 files (one _clean and 2 others) for each photo I took.

It was working before but seems to have stopped - the first black image is 20 March. The only thing I can think of that might have changed is that I switched from running the companion app on my Moto Z to a Pixel 4.

Win 10 laptop, screen mirrored to a TV
Companion app running on Pixel 4 (formerly Moto Z)