Biker won’t started

How can repair that

Need a lot more info.
Give a run down of you setup.
Are you on the trial and using an iOS device.
Any info would be helpful.

Hi Paul,

I have the same issues of Carl.

However I’m running through blutooth into an IPAD.
Zwift is picking up and pairing my device no problem (cadence, power and controllable) but when I click ride the avatar simply doesn’t move and I see the power, cadence.

I paidfor Zwift the august 23 and the system said that I have 7 days free. During that, The avatar didn’t move.
After the 7 days, The avatar has moved one day.
Now, I’m seeing 20 days and the avatar doesn’t move

I have also tried to do the calibration and again its the same issue.
I have removed Zwift and installed again
I’ve restarted IPAD and trainer with the same results.


You might want to submit a ticket, but it sounds like your trial ran out and you are not getting credit for your payment. On iOS you don’t get 7 days, you get about 15 miles.

Looks like you have two accounts. One with your Apple ID (the active subscription) and another that you cancelled back in August. Try signing into your account using your Apple ID and you should be able to ride.