Biker not starting, using only cadence sensor

I have a Saris Fluid Classic trainer, I am using a Wahoo cadence sensor (but no speed sensor), I just paid for membership. My sensor shows as successfully paired, but my biker is not starting. What am i missing

You need either a speed sensor or power meter connected.


You need a speed sensor but you do not need a cadence sensor. Many cadence sensors also work as speed sensors you just need to set it to “speed” and attach it to your rear hubl of course. Also, make sure that you select your specific trainer in Zwift when you start so Zwift can calculate power from your speed and and trainer type.

Thank you for the explanation. When I connect the cadence sensor, it shows the speed sensor as connected as well on the “paired devices” screen. My cadence sensor transmits speed to my Garmin watch when I am on a stationary bike. Still it sounds as if I need a “full” speed sensor.

Many sensor are dual speed/cadence so you should be able to enable your existing sensor as a speed or a cadence sensor. You need to configure to speed and attach it to the rear hub.