Saris Speed Sensor Not Pairing

Hello, I got a Saris Fluid Trainer 2, with a speed sensor, and have been riding for about three weeks on it. Tried to go for a ride today, and the speed sensor wouldn’t wake up. I took it off the back wheel, took the battery out, put it back in, and the light came on. Once I put it back on my wheel, it wouldn’t wake up/ pair to Zwift. Any recommendations?

Are you using a hub mounted sensor or a spoke mounted magnetic sensor? The magnetic sensors can be a bit touchy if they don’t tighten up well enough on your spokes or if they get bumped so the magnet doesn’t line up just right with the sensor.

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Downgrade companion app to version 3.31.1, if you are using it.

Hi @Stefan_Giegucz

From what you’ve explained, it sounds like you reseeded the battery, but didn’t replace it, correct? Have you tried using a fresh new battery instead?