Zwift & Saris Mag Plus...can't get W [March 20, 2024]

I just got the Saris Mag Plus, as well as a speed sensor. I am busting ass and I can’t seem to get over 45 W. I select the not listed model, as I don’t see my model in the selection. Am I doing something wrong? Should I get a new speed sensor? Any help is appreciated.

oh I hope you didn’t buy that brand new? Since Zwift doesn’t have that trainer listed I would use one of the other saris trainers, maybe the mag?

Had a friend who had a similar issue with a non-listed trainer. What worked was selecting different trainer options until we found one that seemed to give you somewhat realistic numbers. I believe we also tweaked the selected wheel size as well to help get them riding.

Hi everyone, welcome to Forums. Thanks for your active participation in this thread. This is Juan here from Zwift. Dear @Matt_Mawn, I appreciate you taking the time to point out your issue with speed sensor. I comprehend how essential it is for you to enjoy Zwift as you expected.

Would you mind confirming which model of speed sensor you are using? According to your logs, you are using a Wahoo sensor to get work your Saris. I’d like to encourage you to open a support ticket by reaching out to us. to provide you with personalized assistance.

The more details you provide us, the better assistance we can provide you. We will be happy to help.