Sensors not connecting

I have a speed sensor connected to Zwift. It says”connected” but then says “not listed” yet it displays as my cadence sensor? Hence Zwift won’t work. Any ideas?

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I assume the selected trainer is not listed.

Once you connect the speed sensor you should see the speed change while in the paring menu, then you pic a trainer.

See this video: Pairing Your Speed Sensor — Official Instructions | Zwift - YouTube

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I have tried that and the speed sensor shows nothing but comes up as a cadence sensor???

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My cadence sensor was showing as power sensor. New update, new problems.

What speed sensor do you have. Some can be changed from speed to cadence or the other way around.

I have the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor

Did you place both of them on the bike. And are the correct one on the wheel?

Yes and replaced both batteries and restarted Zwift and disconnected my heart rate. Spoke at length to Zwift and they eventually told me to wait for the July update🤦‍♀️