Bike, Wattage going all over the place


Doing Zwift academy Tri and noticed that watts are going all over the place on all my bike workout. Using Wahoo Kickr. Any idea ?

  1. All new firmware for zwift and wahoo installed
  2. no other devices conflicting
  3. Tired iphone and ipad same issue


calibrated trainer recently…?

if that’s not the issue, post img of graph.
maybe power smoothing turned off or something.

Thanks Ben. yes, I did calibrated twice this week with no success. Where to check power smothing ? zwift setup ? Thanks

trainer settings, not in zwift, altho not sure if thts the issue.
lots of ppl having weird issues atm with wahoo trainers on current patc/firmware e.g. Wahoo KICKR reversed gradient [October 2021]

r u using bluetooth? try ant+ if so