Bike setting

Why does my bike keep resetting to a mountain bike

Hi @Kevin_OFlaherty, this is probably due to the Absa Cape Epic mission taking place in March. Did you opt into the mission? There is a small radio button on the main screen where you choose your desired world/route to default to the Scott Spark MTB.

Or are you on the Zwift MTB? I’ve heard some people are getting stuck on this since completing stage 4 of Tour of Watopia.

Thank you for this e- mail.

It was the solution :+1:

I have one other main issue- I am not IT savvy!

I have Apple TV

Wahoo kickr

Wahoo climb

Wahoo cadence

Wahoo tickr

Is there are a limit on devices?

As on occasion the tv has suggested to connnect via the companion app?

Could you possibly clarify if poss?

And how to connect all the above?

I generally give up, and ride without one or the other.

Hope it is okay to reply to you with a different issue?



Apple TV is limited to 3 bluetooth connections and one of them is used for the remote, so really you can only use two devices.

You dont need the cadence sensor, the kickr has a built in cadence estimation. In order to get the kickr, climb and tickr all at the same time you will need to use the companion app for one or the other. I would suggest the tickr paired through the companion app.


Hello Mike
Thanks for this, what is the process to connect the tickr via the companion app?

On settings I can see device connection, which I have ticked- on?

Really appreciate your help



It should be pretty simple. Open up the companion app and Zwift on ATV, make sure they are both on the same wifi network. When on the pairing screen search for the heart rate monitor, you may need to unpair it first and then search. There should be a symbol that looks like a phone with a bluetooth icon inside it to the right of the signal name (Wahoo Tickr or whatever it shows up as).

I don’t use ATV, so I’m going to tag @Nigel_Tufnel I think he uses it and is quite an expert with connections.

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