Better experience lately?

In my last couple of rides since the latest version update I’m sure Zwift has become smoother/faster/slicker.

Running on my Surface laptop I used to get 10-12 fps but now I can get 15+

In addition I’m not experiencing other riders flickering, disappearing or suddenly passing me then dropping back and passing again anywhere near as much as I used to.

Looks like possibly they’ve improved things server-side as well as client-side.

Big thumbs up.

Hi Stuart.

There’s another thread I started on this a few weeks ago with a lot of comments and you are right.  After a lot of people recieving standard “check your internet setup / firewall / router” emails in responce to raising tickets something does indeed seem to have been changed at Zwift’s side and most people seem to working much better (myself included) now.

Everyone’s happy, but it would be nice to know what was done, in case this all stops working again.

I’ve now done 4/5 rides in the last week (since the fix) and all were perfect.  In comparison the previous 10+ rides were all bugged heavily.  Previous to that Zwift used to work perfectly for me.