Best way to appeal disqualification?

Today I was disqualified for AGE in an age-based race. What is the best way to appeal?

I looked here (why-was-i-flagged-is-this-other-racer-legit) [sorry but this board doesn’t allow web links in a post]. Initially it says, “Do you have questions about your own suspension or disqualification? For either case, please use this form.” However, the same site later says, “The form is not to ask to remove single disqualifications (results tagged withDQ, WKG, 20MIN, etc.).”

I know that this forum shouldn’t be used to appeal disqualifications. I just need to know the best other way.

Don C.

Use the form.
The info in the explaination is ambiguous and contradictory to the entire purpose of the form and the process in general.
Just ignore the explanation and use the form.

However, the drop-down from the form shows only two options – reporting a rider or making a ban appeal. I’m not appealing a ban, just a disqualification. Should I still use the “ban” option?

I re-read that one you quoted from which also links to the post below - which in short says send an email to with all the relevant details

Dean – Yes, I had read that post but it deals with deleting a result rather than disputing a DQ. None-the-less, I will send an email to zwiftpower. However, zwiftpower should provide a clearly defined method for disputing a DQ.

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Have you tried contacting the organiser? The DQ is not Zwift’s doing, so they won’t be able to help. The original ZwiftPower crew no longer have admin rights, so they can’t help either.

The organisers, however, can easily change it or confirm it.


It also suggests:

Still have a question about ZwiftPower? Email us at

…which is what Zwift themselves request in many of their posts here.