Best NVIDIA PC settings- SDR or HDR


I just got a new gaming computer with an 11th gen i7 and an NVIDIA 3060 Ti GPU card. I am trying to figure out if Zwift is in HDR or SDR so I can set up my system to get the best picture on my OLED TV. I sent in a support ticket but got response back and I have been searching online and the forums but cannot find anything on this.
I am curious what setting others use on the graphics cards.

Zwift doesn’t support HDR. Does your TV have HDMI 2.1 and adaptive sync? If so, you should absolutely set that up. If not and it’s a 60Hz panel, just enable triple buffering and set the max frame rate to 61fps. That’s all you need to do.

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Hi Dave,

I just got the LG C1 48”. It has HDMI 2.1 and VRR G-sync. I have been getting in the 80’s for fps in groups and alone this morning I got 115. The picture is stunning and the motion is amazing. I will set it up for SDR gaming. Thank you.

Definitely set up the driver to use adaptive sync then, if it’s not done so automatically. It’s a godsend for Zwift.

Don’t cap in that case.

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I set the max frame rate at 120 but I doubt I will ever get that. My previous TV, not hdmi 2.1 was always at 60 fps on the Zwiftalyzer (sp?) The increased frame rate really adds to the immersiveness of the game.

PS if you see avatar flickering at high frame rates, there’s a workaround. Let me know and I’ll link the solution. If you’ve installed GeForce Experience you probably aren’t seeing it.

No need to cap, vsync is all you need and it’s enabled by default. :+1:

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I already set it up to max out. I just did not know what to do in the game optimizer picture setting in the TV- SDR or HDR.

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When I first set it up a few days ago I was getting the Avatar flickering. I think I read one of your posts about the GeForce experience so I went to that and downloaded the new firmware. After that it stopped.

I got a Dell XPS 8940 at Costco near me. It was on sale and I could never have put together a similar PC at the current inflated prices of everything.

OBS is a better solution in my opinion, GFE sometimes stops working (to resolve it I mean). But as long as it’s sorted. :+1:

What is OBS?

It’s streaming software. You don’t need to actually do any streaming of course, but if it’s running in the system tray the flickering goes away. I have it running silently and minimised at boot, set and forget.

Don’t ask me how/why it works, but it does.

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Great to know. If the GFE stops working I will download OBS.

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