Flickering Riders on PC in non-HDR mode

I am having an issue that all riders flicker constantly when I have my PC running windows 11 set to “standard” display mode. The terrain and world are perfectly stable. The riders flicker at any resolution and if the PC is set to fullscreen or windowed. But the instant I enable HDR the flickering completely stops even though Zwift isnt running at HDR. Any idea what’s going on here?

I have tried:

  1. Reinstalling Zwift (and wiping out everything)
  2. Completely uninstalling my GPU drivers and reinstalling

My setup (brand new):

  • 50" Sony X50J TV
  • 1080 TI hooked up via HDMI
  • 9700K i7 Processor
  • Windows 11 Pro

The flickering occurs at high frame rates, which you will be able to achieve with that rig. I can’t find details on your exact TV, but if it’s a 120Hz panel then at default Nvidia settings your frame rate in Zwift would be allowed up to 120fps (before being capped by vsync).

I suspect enabling HDR is capping your frame rate at 60fps (or otherwise causing the maximum frame rate to be lower), thereby eliminating the flickering. It may be that the specific HDMI port you are using on the TV only does 60Hz with HDR enabled, for example.

Check log files in Zwiftalizer before and after enabling HDR and see.

The best workaround for now is to install OBS, as mentioned in the other thread. Then you will be able to run at higher frame rates without flickering. It also makes the game substantially smoother.

Yeah that seems like its exactly what’s happening. OBS has stopped it for now, kinda annoying that I have to run it though :frowning:

Here is my readout from zwiftalizer, definitely was going way above the monitor’s refresh in FPS.

Looks like you’ve got vsync disabled anyway, which isn’t a good idea for Zwift.

Locking down the frame rate in the Nvidia control panel solved the issue without having to run OBS. Thanks everybody!

OBS is still a better solution IMO, since the game runs much more smoothly. You wouldn’t need to cap the frame rate if vsync is enabled as it should be. But if you’re happy with it now, then it’s all good. Personally I can’t stand the stuttering without OBS.