Badges lost ride on AppleTV with a session already opened on iPhone

Hi Dear Zwift support

Today I rode on Serpentine 8 & Volcano circuit in order to get achievements for my badges board, however the badges disappeared from my achievements list. As you will be able to check, I rode with on AppleTV with Zwift App:

However before riding I opened the app on my iPhone for checking the circuits to go and I forgot to close it. But when I went back to my iPhone after completing Serpentine 8 & Volcano circuit, I noticed that the badges disappeared from the list, by the way I don’t know about my XPs. FYI, for volcano circuit, I switched to Specialized bike but this was also overwritten and I was back to my Tron bike… it is weird :frowning:

So please, put back at least Serpentine 8 badge & XP, I’d like to go to the next circuit and avoid to do again it. This kind of issue should not occur, it is a classic use case with users who use different platform for accessing your service.

Thx a lot in advance! you need more further details, I’ll be glad to reply.


You will have to make your request to Zwift support ( You cant have two Zwift Applications open at the same time unfortunately.

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So I sent an email to zwift support, badges should be added to the list in the few days but no certitude to get that done.

Let’s see what will happen if it is done or if I have to ride again.

This thread can be closed for now.


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Hi All

So my badges are not credited, it is very sad to see that developers are not able to manage properly semaphore of singleton in 2021 in a basic and classic use case of multisession…

Don’t work for a bank, disaster guarantee

A disappointed customer who pays a service and also bored to get crash when saving his ride on appletv losing event’s info