Missing badge for Surry Hills

Im also missing a badge (London, Surry Hills). Just after the ride i showed up in the companion app, but the next day it was gone and did not show up on the overwiev.

Is there anyway to reclaim missing badges? and what will happen if/when I take the same route? will I then get the badge?

Help is highly appreciated.

PS: all app’s are updated.

There’s no way to get unassigned badges - I’ve asked.

You should make sure that you aren’t running Zwift on two devices. At this point who knows, maybe even companion could be an issue.

When you ride the route again you’ll get the badge assigned. However make sure that you actually finish the route. There are many cases when people aren’t aware of the route lead in and Zwift interface poorly explains it, if at all.

Companion App is fine to run - its specifically the Zwift application running on two (or more) devices that people are unlikely to get badges.

Thanks a lot.

About running 2 apps, i did this, because I have Apple Tv and use HR, cadence and Kickr… But thanks for the tip, I will re do Surry Hills on one app :slight_smile:

I now take photos for finished routes… but if I cant reclaim, it dosn’t really matter

I did the Surry Hills again today with the same result = no badge.
I will try your solution and hope for the best.
Fu… Zwift… that must be an easy fix.

Can you provide a view of your setup (what is everything you use)? And can you open up your profile so we can view those rides you mention for a day or so?

Hi Dean
I use the app on Apple TV to run Zwift and the Zwift companion app on IPhone 7, to connect HR, cadence and Wahoo Kickr. The HR and cadence is also Wahoo.
My profile on companion app is (has always) been set to public.

Ideas to get the badge is highly appreciated

@_Whisky_Finn_ZHR_F: your profile on Zwift Companion is actually set to private, so we can’t review your rides.

I checkked my companion app and Apple TV, they are set to public. Could you suggest what els I could try?

Still shows as private. It might be that you have to change the setting for ‘Approve Followers’.

you have noticed that the start-finish of the Surrey Hills route is at the top of FOX hill ? (a 5km . uphill lead in)
you will in effect be doing Fox hill twice to get the badge


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Thanks SteveK,
That explains it :partying_face::biking_man:t3:‍♂ I didn’t do the whole route.
Thanks for your reply