Badge earned but not showing

Good morning, I have just noticed that the Quatch Quest badge I earned on Sat isn’t actually showing as ticked. The activity saved fine and the banner came up once I achieved it but it’s not showing in badges. Please see my Strava activity

Welcome, Richard!

Unfortunately, based on my own personal experience, as well as other zwifters in the forum, it is unlikely the badge will be awarded.

In any case, I would recommend you refer this to Zwift support.

Ride On!

Your image is showing the Strava segment as missing, but is the badge actually missing from Zwift itself (i.e. the tally of badges visible from the in-game menu when you pause a ride)?

Good morning, I believe the image is saying the Strava segment is complete. If it wasn’t complete then that segment just wouldn’t be there. It was hard work and don’t fancy doing it again. My Zwift data should also say complete. The badge is missing from the badge menu and is not ticked on the other menu. Thank you

Thank you

Sorry to hear about the snafu, then. I fully sympathise: I remember doing Quatch Quest and wouldn’t want to have to do it again because of a system glitch.

We can see the badge awarded icon in your Companion activity log (I just looked you up), so one would hope that Zwift support could correct the discrepancy in your badge menu… although, as B_CN notes above, that isn’t guaranteed. Good luck in your pursuit of that!

When I was ticking off all the route achievements a while back, I remember reading about people not getting awarded badges, despite having proof they’d completed them. I suppose I was just very lucky and never once experienced that. :man_shrugging:

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

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Hi @Richard_Dodds1

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This can happen if you have Zwift open on multiple devices. Remember to fore close Zwift on all devices.

I’ve just looked at your activities again and there was clearly something wrong on Saturday, because - as you’ll have no doubt seen - you levelled up to 32 during that long ride… and then got the same level up today. :-/

Thank you for all your responses. Fingers crossed

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