Badge Big Foot Hills

J’ai fait le parcours Big Foot Hills en mode meetup. J’ai fait le parcours sans recevoir le badge. Pourquoi?


Did you ride all the way to the arch in the desert? Most likely you stopped short according to the pics on your strava activity.

I was with two friends and they ad the badge

It look like you went a few meters shorter than your friends, you may have stopped short.

Hi Gerriem,

Big Foot Hills is 67,59 km and I did 70,17 on Strava and 70,2 km on Companion.

Don’t forget the lead in

Companion 70,2 km

It has a 2.4km lead in. And a random distance from the spawn point

The meetup still green in my Companion iPad but not on my iPhone?

Check the finish… 68,7 km MEETUP

Yes that is not the finish arch.

Merci Gerrie

I will do it again until the arche.

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