Bad day, need help

First, for the second time, I can’t get into a race. This ‘fix’ is taking too long. It is costing me in the series of 5 races. #1 fine, #2 dropout turned race into long long time trial, #3 and #4 today could not join. Tried another race 5 hours later, could not join.

Second, just got milestone footpod. My ios has the mobile link. Where’s the pairing screen? Can’t get any signal. I put my computer to the running screen and the pod is broadcasting bluetoth. What next?

My IOS has the mobile app. If I go to download on app store, there is no Zwift, just zwift mobile app…but no pairing screen. Please help me find it.

My success using the Milestone Pod is pairing it directly with the iOS app. 

There may be a workaround now to use a Bluetooth running sensor with a PC. Otherwise isn’t there a Catch-22 situation – to get Zwift Mobile Link into riding/running mode you have to have a riding/running session running on another device, but you can’t get the running mode started on the PC unless you have a running sensor paired and you can’t get the Bluetooth running sensor paired unless ZML is in riding/running mode.

I only saw the blue mobile link in app store? Why doesn’t Zwift make this easier?