Back to the old drafting mode

Since a few years Zwift changed the way of getting in the draft, its been more stuck in the draft.
For example: i am chasing a group, riding on the max, slowly getting closer, then another rider slowly drops out of the group, oh no i,m getting stuck in his draft, the group moves away while i,m struggling to get out of the draft from the dropper.
Very annoying and frustrating, i prefer the old way to get in to the draft, takes a little more experience but is les frustrating.

But in real life, if you have to go around riders, doesn’t that usually require more time than an unimpeded path? The Zwift approach may be crude, but if I have to work my way thru a group of stragglers to reach a group further up the road, that’s going to slow me down in real life, I don’t magically phase thru them, as I did previously in Zwift.

My experience in real life is if someone drops in a group in front of you, you can use a"bonus" draft in approach and passing him in one go instead of get stuck for a while behind him.


But in real life, I’d stick to the wheel of the person I was already drafting, directly in front of me, not pull over to brake onto the draft of a slower rider off to the side.


I was talking about chasing a group on my own, not already drafting another rider.