Drafting: how to remain in it?

First, some obligatory disclaimers: searched other posts (last one is 2016, no meaningful suggestions provided besides “practice”), had a look at Zwift Insiders tricks and had some practice. I know how to check if I am drafting or not.

Said that, I struggle a lot to remain in the draft, both in large groups as well as small groups.

I keep bouncing back and forth and Zwift often decides I can no longer sit behind someone else and I need to move to the right or the left of the group and suddenly I am no more drafting.

I know that keep bouncing back and forth it is probably something normal, at least if either me or who is before me can’t keep a steady power. So I assume that there is not that much to do in this case, if not to keep looking at numbers and try to remain consistent with who is before me.

Any suggestion is anyway welcome.

But what about those sudden lateral moves out of the group ? Is there anything I can do to avoid having Zwift deciding that suddenly my place in a large pack is out of the draft ?


Have you selected a road bike, or a TT bike? TT bikes do not allow drafting.

Also: are you in workout mode, or free ride mode?

I don’t think there is a way to stop that from happening… at least I haven’t figured it out in 2 years of Zwifting.

Clarification: road bike and I care about drafting just while racing, so no erg mode.


That is normal your avatar will stay in the center of your screen so on turns you will swing out and loose draft.

On straight lines your avatar may go offline for a bit and then return. This just happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

When kin a big bunch you should gently increase or decrease your pace no sudden movements.