Crit race newbie

hi guys new to bike racing here. when im drafting behind someone is it a good idea to lean a little to one side so when the guy in front of me starts to slow down, i just slot in to one side and never have to brake and lose momentum?

Hi Manual, the draft strategies in Zwift are a bit different than real life since there are no collisions so you don’t need to worry about getting too close to someone’s wheel and it costing you in reaction time if they reduce their speed. I’m sure some of the seasoned crit racers on here will have more nuanced strategies worked out for how to optimize Zwift’s drifting mechanics but you have very little control over where you sit in the draft from side to side. If your avatar has enough space around them then you’ll sit right in line with the Zwifter your drafting but if you’re in a herd you kinda float around as everyone jostles for position. Where you’re at side to side has very little impact on how quickly your avatar breaks out of the draft and moves into passing position when the Zwifter in front of you reduces their speed and you keep on your power, but giving it a little extra push when you notice the leaders power start to drop might move you into passing formation more smoothly.

Ahhh no sorry I was talking about real life races not Zwift Races.

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