Understanding drafting -- who can help

Is there a chart or metric I can use to see how well or poorly I’m drafting while in game during a race ?
For example comparing power curves to another rider I’m confused by the number of people I’ve seen avg less power throughout an event but finish ahead of me ?
Thoughts are appreciatted

Two different questions but … not really, not a good way to see how well you are drafting other than your cyclist’s posture to indicate they are in the draft (on most bikes). It would be great to get a bit more info, and I’m uncertain if zwift treats it as either in, or out, but really it should be a range.

It is easy for people with less power to finish ahead. Maybe their weight is different, maybe they drafted better — lots of variables. Zwiftpower shows some of this.


Not sure about how Zwift really does this, but I can imagine length is also a contributing factor. A tall person behind a small person will have less advantage than a small person behind a tall person.

stay behind ppl.
the bigger the group, the bigger the draft bonus.
it’s not rocket science :wink:

if ur on the front, ur working 20-30% harder

Height (and height doping) is a VERY real factor in Zwift. This well-done, empirical experiment on side by side riders in Zwift makes it very clear:


Would you say that height has the same (or at least very similar) effect in real life? I mean, it has the effect on the same scale?

Would be so cool to see some sort of color coded draft zone in game. Stay in red for maximum effect, blue is pretty good, green okay but not great, …