Back to the future badge! 88MPH

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Zwift created a Back to the future badge that you could unlock once you hit 88 MPH, but 88 KPH might be more realistic :wink: Bonus points if you ad flaming tire streaks once you have passed that speed!

Think about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



But still no DeLorean badge!

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Oh, I really want those flaming tracks.
Maybe if you get a green jersey, you get flaming tracks x 5 minutes.


There’s already a Back to the Future badge - the “1.21 Gigawatt” badge!

It’s for putting out 1200 Watts, which is about as easy as hitting 88mph on a bike. :wink:

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I recall they got annoying very quickly - maybe get them as part of one of the powerups!

Yes, add it to the aero helmet x 15 secs.