Hells500 vEveresting & High Rouleurs Society Kit

Hi Zwift Dev Team,

I know you guys have already added a badge if you ride 8848m (which is cool)… but…

It would be awesome if you could please design a Hells 500 Grey Stripe Kit if you complete the full 8848m climb in one go (basically if you do a vEveresting with the Hells 500 rules https://everesting.cc/the-rules/)

An even cooler kit/bike (I know I’m asking a lot) would be to have a High Rouleurs Society kit if you complete 10000m in one ride (https://highrouleur.cc/the-rules/)

Yay. Yes please


I’m psyching myself up to vEverest and I also believe the achievement is worthy of the virtual kit! Please add it oh Masters of Zwift!


I agree. This would be awesome

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Bumb bring it on! :ride_on:

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I agree. I hope this could happen.

I totally agree. The vEveresting vkit would be an awesome addition to the game. The idea of a special edition “Tron” bike would also be fantastic for those dedicated few Zwifters who have completed either the vEveresting or the 10,000 meter High Rouleurs Society option.

Definitely wanting this!

I agree. This one should be a given.

Bumb :face_with_monocle:

+1 - a minor task to reward massive efforts

Totally agree, amazed zwift haven’t implemented this