Hells500 vEveresting & High Rouleurs Society Kit

They won’t even give us the Merida (with Bahrain colour scheme) that sits locked away inside Zwift.

A special bike could be for those who do a double vEverest.

Wait. WHAT. We have Merida bikes??? Wow. Would love to unlock this so could ride my IRL bike on Zwift.


Matej Mohoric was riding it. So probably a team specific thing. Look in your Zwift install folder and you can see it there.

Would be nice to have an alternative colour scheme for it that we could all have.

It was quite impressive watching him go up reverse Epic KOM and then radio tower with more than 345w!

He had the heart rate monitor on too, steady between 145-155bpm. And better, for the radio tower climb he punched up above 450w.

So when you think you are fit, there is an interesting comparison. :joy:

For a special bike for some Everest achievement, something like the old 2018 Canyon Ultimate CF Evo (which looks like the CF SLX already in Zwift) with some lightweight Meilensteins and maybe THM crankset would be perfect. I’m biased because I have that bike. It would have to be the lightest of them all however to reflect the special carbon it was made from.

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