Everested - 8848m / 29,029 feet in one ride - Tactics

Some might know there is Extra Credit (Hidden Achievement) for those who climb 8848m / 29,029 feet in a single ride. The so called Everested credit :open_mouth::alien:

  • Who did it already?
  • Tactics?
    • Which is the fastest way for achieving “Everested Credit”?
    • Alpe du Zwift multiple times?
  • Any goodies (Jersey, Experience) unlocked when reaching the Everest-Status?

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Please Vote here:

Just plain old self-satisfaction (and a screen shot if you don’t collapse)
Here’s an unofficial list from zpower.com

at least on alp du zwift you get a ten minute break on the downhill. I barely made a second trip, I think you need 8 and a half trips.


8x Alpe du Zwift climb :astonished:
57x Radio Tower climb :exploding_head:

What is the reward when finishing?
A special kit, bike, drops, experience?

Buns of Steel, but very sore ones :slight_smile:

You have a time to beat next time around.

I think the official source for bragging rights wasn’t mentioned:

I remember getting a Jersey for 100 miles and 150 miles BUT for 8848 HM IN 1 RIDE you won’t?

There is a place for your vote:

The other day I saw the 2020 miles challenge for 2020 on Strava. I thought, that’s finally a challenge that looks reasonable, but then I realized it was for the year, not per month. :man_shrugging: What can you do. Every market tries to cater its demography.

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looks amazing and is even more a stimulation to completly fall in trance for over 8 h in the digital world!