Kit for unlocking virtual Everesting?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to brag around in a shiny climbing kit after unlocking the hidden (virtual) Everesting? 

8848 or another symbol to show off? Don’t care what it is as long as I can wear it :-))

You get the Zwift Concept for completing it, why have 2 prizes.

I’m not talking about climbing 50.000m in total for the Everest challenge, but elevation climbing 8848 meters in one ride to unlock the hidden virtual Everesting.

IRL Everesters are entitled to a real jersey. Let’s have a virtual one for completion of vEveresting. Btw, can this be retrospective?

Agree 100% As a fellow virtual everester I would also love to don said virtual kit! 

vEveresting kit BUMP

I guess this falls under a bigger umbrella for other kit requests, Zwift?

I’m always down for more climbing unlockables!

vEveresting kit BUMP