How do speed badges work?

Hi - quite new to Zwift. Earned the 30 mph badge on about my second outing but have not got the 40 or 50 mph badges despite hitting both speeds for reasonable distances recently. Is there a duration / distance requirement or are they meant to be average speeds over the ride (seems unlikely) or is this just a bug?
I’ve looked forums and Googled but can’t find anything about the speed badges.
I’ve run Zwift both on an iPhone 12 hooked straight to TV and also on a Windows 10 laptop with Zwift Companion on the iPhone with updated software, but still no badges. Course badges are being awarded though.
Hardware is Wahoo Kickr.

Hi Jalil, and welcome to the forum!

The badges only need you to hit the speed for a short moment.

If they’re not working for you, the first thing to check is are you sure you’ve hit the speed yet? I think most people use Zwift in km/h but the badges are for mph; you need to do about 65km/h to get the 40mph badge.

The easiest place I’ve found to get them is in Bologna (where I also got the 100km/h, or 62mph badge) or in Yorkshire, at the west end of the circuit, heading downhill towards the high-speed chicane.

Below are links to pages telling you about the badges you can see, plus the hidden badges.

Zwift’s page on badges:

And ZwiftInsider’s page on the extra badges:

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Doh! That kmh / mph error on my part!

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