Avg watts vs max watts

i can pretty much bicycle all day everyday and yet my avg watts hang at 100w while my peak watts hang around 800w. I go uphill 5 times the speed of others with my setting to max difficulty, but my flatland speed is about half everyone else. am i missing something? any insight? whats your avg and max watts?

riding a wahoo kickr for power/control/cadence and i can say without a doubt the cadence is worthless. i can maintain a steady 60rpm and ill see in game specs anywhere from 20rpm-120rpm depending on incline and speed of rider. this is my second kickr and both behaved exactly the same.

So the issues you are having are the same as your earlier thread? I recall keeping an eye on it at the time …

Everyone’s avg and peak will be different but I would free-ride at about 200w and peaks can be 1000w if doing sprints, otherwise maybe peaks around 3-400w if undulating.

What Kickr have you now got got? If you are using internal cadence sensor, then try external - easy gears or smooth pedal stroke dont go well with Kickr v’s for some people.
A few other questions:

  • do you have your Kickr in the sun or very bright light when riding?
  • what’s your FTP (wkg)?
  • have you tried a training workout (while keeping ERG on) - if so, do the power targets correlate to what you would expect? FYI with ERG on, regardless of power target, the speed shown will be the same as what you should experience free-riding in the same location
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Usually I sit on about 215w quite comfortably and peak around 900w at the moment at 59kg weight.

At the moment 20 minute average is about 280w, it used to be higher but I’m not properly training - just riding for fun and to keep my sanity. :wink:

I use Kickr Bike.

Chris presuming you are a Cat A rider with that power output ? if you can sit at 280 av for 20 mins

No idea, I absolutely hate racing. I just ride for enjoyment, and happen to ride a lot. I was riding up Alpe that day and that’s what the 20min average showed after the ride.

cadence doesn’t affect speed at all on Zwift so if it’s bugging you just disconnect cadence in the connection settings.

800w peak for 100w cruising isn’t totally crazy (although 100w cruising sounds kinda low) - especially if you have done any kind of strength training in the past - or might just be a natural sprinter.

not sure how you are going 5x the speed of others uphill at 100w though…

checked your height/weight settings in your zwift profile are accurate?

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Zwift seems to have quite a lot of “4FUN” Cat A riders :smiley:
280w for 20min doesn’t sound like fun to me!!!

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yes totally ■■■■ for me maybe manage out of the saddle on a climb for 20 mins def not in a race

How heavy are you? My SARIS H3 hates low rpm grinding @100% with big guys…I am 103 kilos. At 100% difficulty the trainer has a hard time controlling and will be inaccurate. Try setting the trainer at 50-70% and run a bigger gear to give the trainer a chance to spin a bit.

It sounds to me like your Kickr is broken to be honest. I’m surprised you’re going past anybody at 100w and your cadence shouldn’t do that. I have just done a very easy recovery ride which was about 100w (my FTP is 308 at 65kg, but I wanted to see what my HR did as I think I might be getting a cold) and I was overtaken by everybody everywhere, which I would expect at 100w.

This sound impossible. Zwift use Power to calculate speed. So 100w on any trainer will produce the same speed for the same person.

Were you in a meetup? what was the speed? 46km/h ?

both kickr’s were v’s. i also have an external cadence which is why i know kickr is so incorrect. Something i’ve been wondering about is my kickr both times is actually in a fairly dark location. I’ve been wondering if the darkness is effecting the optical speed sensor. my ftp is 182 in zwift but i do not know my real world ftp. I avg 15mph casual riding real world. I weigh 190lbs. I have never done any ERG. When I zwift I am normally giving quite a bit more effort than casual.

Let me give an example I noticed riding 42 miles in zwift last night. I was performing a yellow to red incline grade 5-10% if I recall. I was in my lowest bicycle gear and I was cranking out my max watts which spiked around 600w. The pedal resistance was fair to heavy the entire time. When I got to the peak of the hill I had 0 - negative incline and I maintained full attack on my pedals and the resistance continued. Even with -6% incline I had good resistance and I could easily achieve 20+mph in my lowest bicycle gear with resistance.

Also during the same ride with the same setup on a 0% incline the pedals had so little resistance that it was impossible to generate the 200+ cadence that it would have required to travel even 7mph. I have to shift to my ?6th? gear before enough resistance is measured on my kickr to be able to add power.

no i meant I do flats at 100w
i do hills at 600-800w
most people in game i see doing 250w flats and 250 watts hills

Hi George,
Looking at your very first post it reminded me of a known gradient problem some folks were experiencing with Kickrs. See link below and see if it sounds like what you were experiencing. If yes, some people reported that it was a Bluetooth issue and resolved when they used ANT+.

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I appreciate the attempt but this is not my issue. My resistance is never less resistance during a climb. It seems like game coding allows me to exploit how it calculates data. If you apply continuous high power in a low gear the kickr does not update resistance when gradient is reduced. All it does is calculates more watts which is technically true, but not real world speed and gearing accurate. it makes no sense to me why in the real world the kickr wheel can be spinning at 40 mph and the game is registering you at 15mph meanwhile the kickr wheel can be not spinning and the game can register you at 20mph uphill.

This is quite possible. With little resistance from the trainer you need more speed to produce high power to go up hill. see this topic How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

This does not sound possible, is the wheel is not spinning then there will be not power and thus the avatar will stop on any incline.

If your trainer is sending power data with the wheel stopped then there is something wrong with the unit and you need to send it back.