Avatars weaving after July 2021 release [1.15.0]

Not sure this is Pack Dynamics as such (only ever riding with 2-5 others in freeride) but I did the couple of new Makuri routes today - the wild lateral swings with two or more riders around are crazy and nauseating. Loads of playing chicken with oncoming riders.

I jumped back to Watopia Coco ride and completely different (good) experience wrt lateral movements.


It could only be Makuri Islands but avoidance maneuvers took us across the center line more often than not.

There’s definitely something whacky with Makuri Islands. These are some observations from free riding.

Avatar would usually ride in the centre of the lane. When approaching a single rider from behind my avatar swings out to the right maybe 2-3 rider widths away from the rider being passed. This almost always involves crossing the centreline with a huge gap between riders.

When being passed by a single rider the passing rider would appear to bump my avatar and then swing out over the centreline. This might be a latency issue but it was funny watching riders bump my avatar and then swing out after passing me.

I once passed a couple of stopped riders who were off the side of the road. My avatar still swung across the centreline to avoid them despite the riders being off the road.

Doing a race on NYC and group ride on Watopia I didn’t notice any of the wild swings. Perhaps because there were more riders around.


Raced classics yesterday with no issues, today raced hard and hounds and was practically getting motion sickness the way everyone was bouncing around (also spotted some magnificent graphical glitches with the whale going right through the underwater tunnel and the Sussex hills clipping into a building and hovering above a bus)


Did 5:30EST (US) Hounds and Hares ride this morning and agree with Matthew that the pack was all over the place, bobbing back and forth and very hard to keep any type of group together. It seemed at times that the logic was trying to maximize the distance between riders. Also, very easy to get stuck out and to the side of the pack with no logical way to rejoin. Lots of weaving back and forth across the road also. Distinctly different and definitely less enjoyable and logical than before the patch. Hope this helps.


Exactly the same for me this morning in Makuri. Exaggerated swerving to overtake a single rider, often crossing the road centre line.

A bit off-putting, and similarly seeing plenty of people coming the other way and swerving onto my side of the road.


Same last night. Was getting sea sick with all the moving around. Was pretty bad. Don’t want to race again until fixed.


Please look again at this update to group dynamics. Group rides have become nauseating with riders swerving continuously for no reason and causing major disruption.

Why don’t you test these things properly before you release them.


We’re looking at it thanks to the reports bubbled up in this thread.


Just to add, I just abandoned Sportssolid series (C)… same problem, everyone swerving all over the place. Impossible to ride as a group. Thanks for looking into it.

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A lot of complaints about avatars zigzagging in group this morning.


I wonder if there is a common denominator here. I watched two streamers that use Windows and both seem fine. I also had no issues on Windows.

Thanks for your reports everyone. I split this tangent of the Pack Dynamics Update thread so we can focus on identifying causes of this avatar behavior.

  1. So far, you’ve told us that this is happening in Makuri and Yorkshire. Are there any other worlds affected?

  2. And to @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ point: what OS platform are you using?

  3. Is your own avatar weaving, or is it the avatars around you that are weaving?

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This sounds a lot like the earlier pack dynamics changes where the avatars of other users on older versions of the app would move in weird ways.


I’m seeing the same issue on Makuri on a Mac. The issue is with my avatar, weaving and occasionally crossing the centre line. The first time it did this there were 3-4 oncoming riders.

We enforced updates to the latest version to eliminate this variable. Everyone should be on 1.15.0 (1.072785) on all OS’s.

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I was running on Apple TV when I saw this, in the Makuri Islands. I didn’t try any other worlds.

Just did a meetup in London with 4 other riders and all our avatars were swinging across the road erratically. All updated to latest version and I was on Windows PC
It was ridiculous with some riders diverting away from others then some trying to follow

Be interesting how the WTRL TTT goes tomorrow trying to form a paceline!!

  1. Happened to me in London during the ZHR Hares & Hounds at 18:45 CET.

  2. Apple TV.

  3. My avatar weaved to the right when others were riding closely behind me. Likewise, when I was riding behind others, they moved to the right. Seemed like we were bumping the riders in front out of the way. When riding very smoothly we could draft, but in a small pack of 3 A riders we only managed this for brief periods of maybe 10 seconds at a time. This worked more like forced anti drafting, were the rider in front would constantly swerve to the right to prevent drafting.

I had weaving avatars (mine and small group around me) in London Greatest Flat Group ride this morning. In one section mine even targeted road furniture (statues). In a larger group it wasn’t evident.

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