Pack Dynamics 4.1 testing in Makuri

Hey Zwifters,

Quick post here to let you know we’ve enabled Pack Dynamics 4.1 for all of Makuri today. This means that all events, RoboPacers or any other activity done in Makuri will benefit from Pack Dynamics 4.1.

To be sure you’re experiencing the latest, update your game client to version 1.45. After that, all you’ll need to do is drop into Makuri. From then on, you’ll be riding with the changes from Pack Dynamics 4 to 4.1.

If you want to see a summary of what Pack Dynamics 4.1 is, head over to this thread: Pack Dynamics 4.1 - Test Events

If you have feedback for us about your experience with Pack Dynamics 4.1, please let us know here!

Ride On. :ride_on:


I just rode for 45 minutes with Coco (group size was around 15-20) on Neokyo All Nighter and it was awesome. I just sat in the group and didn’t stick my nose in the wind for a single second and only had to average 2.0 w/kg, even with a rooftop climb at 2.7. Average speed was ~36 km/hr which I think is a pretty significant drop from normal although I can’t say I ride with Coco very often in Makuri.

Great stuff!


Not enough people riding to get a good feel but the range of power between “just enough to sit in” and passing is huge. Can you please add a visual indicator for when you’re being blocked from advancing by the 4.1 algorithm?

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James I was talking to Eric M in game about this and he asked me to reach out to you about the issue.

I’ve already seen the posts. I’ll pick it up with David when he gets back from holiday.

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You want to take my advantage away…let them get tired if they don’t want to just sit in :joy:

Hi @xflintx

I had not managed to jump into any of the PD4.1 Test Events so I was keen to have a spin in Makuri to check it out…
From my initial 1hr ride, just jumping between RoboPacers and trying a few things - not a race effort - it was positive for me :white_check_mark:.

It feels like:

  1. The overall pace is definitely reduced and seems to give a calmer feeling in the pack - due to less churn on the front.

  2. There feels to be less ‘free speed’ and slingshot but equally you don’t get swamped by people easily passing you either.

  3. This lack of free movement might make people ‘feel’ like they need to push more, but you don’t, sitting in the pack is more than possible.

  4. The draft cone is narrower. Positioning right behind the wheel vs slightly to the side is a visible difference (based on the Sauce draft gauge as an indication)
    Side note: I Love Steering/Braking for this positioning! :clap:t3:

  5. Seemed like breakaways were more possible/likely to stay away and need an effort to catch, but need to test that better in races.

Overall, as a first ride, it’s all good. Will be interesting to see in a race and also how the tweaks impact a TTT :+1:t3:


Great initial feedback, thank you! Sounds like from your initial test ride we’re hitting all the marks we aim to. I’ll pass this on to David and James. Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Enjoy!


(20 Aug 9:45 PM PST/4:45 UTC) Pack Dynamics 4.1 is on for all worlds now. The RoboPacers will be using it on their restart in ~90 minutes or so.