Avatar excessive movement, weaving and juking

Okay, so the “keep riders together” function is “fixed”, however excessive, drunken like, avatar movement remains. I am using Zwift on a new Dell Inspiron laptop fully updated to the newest version of Windows 10. When involved with a workout or ride where the “keep riders together” option is active, my avatar begins to slowly move to the left and will then suddenly shoot over to the far right and then quickly move left back to center and begin the cycle all over again. Other participants are complaining about this as well. In my ride on the morning of 6-18-2020 people were swerving on and off the road and weaving all over the place. It appears that something about the “keep riders together” option is causing this excessive movement.

apparently they still haven’t fix the drunken avatar problem, it also happening to runners as well… but for runners i think this problem will only happened if we are in a workout mode and not in normal run or normal racing.


What world / route did this meetup take place on? It’s possible that it’s a route-specific bug not related to the Keep Together bug.

Also: was everyone else in the group was using the latest game update v1.0.51959?

Speaking of route-specific bugs, there are several spots where it looks like everybody else (in events, anyway) is taking a different line than one’s own avatar.

The ones I can name off the top of my head are in NYC on the LaGuardia Loop where the transverse branches towards the sprint (looks like everybody is making a wrong turn for a second or two), and in Watopia on the desert in one of the turns just before the shorter sprint segment starts.

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Thank you for the follow up.

In my case I only experience the problem when participating in group workouts or rides in which the “keep together” option is active. The following is a list of the most recent rides and routes on which I have experienced the effect:

6-11-2020 - VO2 Max 4x4 (40/20) - Greatest london flat

6-15-2020 - VO2 Max 3 min - London Classique

6-18-2020 - Arise - Park Perimeter Loop

6-18-2020 - VO2 Max 3 min - Astoria Line 8

During the “Arise” workout On 6-18 one participant actually apologized via messenger for the fact her avatar was acting “drunk”. Others chimed in saying it was happening to them as well. I recommended those experiencing the issue submit a support request.

Prior to the “keep together” fix, the problem was so bad that I (along with other participants) had to quit group rides and workouts shortly after they started as the visual effect caused by the constant weaving of the avatar was causing motion sickness.

The problem occurs both in “blob”/pack riding and when the avatar is by itself.


@Guy_Jeffress and @Anna_Ronkainen thanks both for the additional info. It’s very useful to have context such as you provided.

Anna’s observation about an odd line hints at a known issue that might be the root of what Guy’s describing. For the purposes of debugging, let’s not jump to the conclusion that the Keep Together option is the cause.

As an A/B test - would your friends be willing to repeat one of the same sessions, with Keep Together turned off? Please also ask that everyone update to the latest game version for parity. It’s possible that having one person in a group workout on an outdated version might be throwing off the group event for others.

Thank you for the email.

I will sign up for a group workout or ride that has the “keep together” function turned off and let you know the results.

Just FYI: when I go on a solo ride using a workout from the Zwift library or a custom workout I’ve imported to my workout file, there are no problems with my avatar.


On Friday 6/19 I participated in two events without any problems:

Jett TT Race (E) using the Watopia Hilly Route.
This was a race so the “keep together” option was turned off.

ZER Happy Hour Ride using the Sand and Sequoias Route. “Keep together” was turned off.

On Saturday 6/20 I participated in the Norseman group ride using the Watopia Figure 8 Reverse Route. “Keep together” was turned off. No problems with this ride either.

I did briefly enter an even or workout with “keep together” turned on and experienced the weaving problem. Unfortunately I only stayed in long enough to determine there was a problem and I quit the event. It does not appear to have shown up in my activity list.


Thanks for taking the time to reassess. I’ve added your notes to the ticket.

Still happening. On July 6, I participated in the “uphill battle” workout ride on the Innsbruckring. It was a “keep together” ride and from the start the excessive lateral movement was evident with my avatar as well as other participants’ avatars. There were also quite a few incidences of “off roading”, i.e., avatars on sidewalks, going through trees etc…

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It’s still a problem. Every event where “keep together” is active is problematic - its not tied to a map. Most recently, on 7/29/2020, I participated in the Hincapie Sportswear Power Hour. It was as bad as ever - avatars swerving off the road, juking and weaving. Other participants complained about it. 40 minutes was all I could take. Mine was the same ~15-20 second interval, avatar begins to slowly move left then jukes hard to the right all the way to the edge of the road, then it starts all over again.


The fix will be in the next release.


Excellent. Thank you.


Still problematic. Just did orange unicorn and there were a number of problems. Others dropped out as well.

Still having problems with it as of 13 August. I guess I’m avoiding group workouts again.

Unfortunately, the problem is still not fixed. I’ve done a couple of “keep together” work out rides since the update and the issue is still present.


Still problematic. Was on Rapha group ride tonight and a number of people commented on the problem. At least one person mentioned it was making them motion sick.

Months since the first report and still not fixed. Group work outs and in general any “keep together ride” is still causing the ridiculous avatar movement and juking. Something is wrong with the algorithm. Never a problem on solo workout or on non-keep together rides. Please fix.

I’ve done a few keep together meetups over the last few months and have not experienced this.
What are you using for Zwift, device to run the game, trainer, bluetooth or ant+?

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New Dell Inspiron laptop with proper chip speed and full upgraded ram, fully updated to the newest version of Windows plus all zwift updates. Bluetooth on Wahoo Kickr with all updated firmware. Occurs when I use an ios device as well. Many people complain but don’t report the issue. I even did a complete restore of my laptop and started from scratch. Same problem. I’ve used it on wifi and ethernet cable. Have not tried Ant but blutooth is supposedly faster and more reliable.