Avatar excessive movement, weaving and juking

Have you looked at the log file in zwiftalizer.com.

Look at your p5 and average fps. Also look at your network status.

Not sure it is an issue. It only happens on “keep together” rides. In all other group situations it is not a problem.

This has been happening to me too. Only in group workouts with keep together on, in races I have no issues, and riding solo I have no issues. Like the comments above it does make me feel sick, I worry what other people must think of me swerving into them, and it happens in a variety of courses. I’d really appreciate a fix to this. Solo workouts for me until this has a solution

So in case it was an issue with my hardware I switched from my 1 year old Dell laptop which could run Zwift with medium graphics at 30 fps, to a brand new Apple tv 4K with 32 GB streaming unit. After setting up the new hardware I participated in the RoFA Endurance Training Series workout on 10/13/2020 which was a “keep together” style group workout. The problem was as bad as ever. Numerous people off the road, constant juking and weaving of avatars. It’s not easy to watch the screen while this is happening. As noted in this support thread some individuals experience motion sickness as an outcome of this bug.

Hi @Guy_Jeffress

I’ve updated the ticket with your log files from October 13. Hopefully that will yield some hints to chase down this persistent bug.

Same problem here. It was so bad today I’m still feeling a little sea sick. First “stick together” ride in two months and first “stick together” ride on my new iMac.

I have a video but it won’t upload. It was worse than the video makes it out to be.

Participated in Week 4 RofA Endurance workout ride today. Situation was worse than ever Riders were all over the place. Riding off road, disappearing and then suddenly coming back onto road, etc… ride organizer J. Murphy was going to send a ticket to support as well.

I just tried a ZA 2020 group workout, after 8 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. All the avatars seem to be competing for the same spot on the road, constant moving around left to right, other avatars going crazy across the screen. This group workout had over 300 people in it and it was a mess. The speed was all over the place too, from 10 mph to 20 mph and then back down to 10.

Now I remember why I hate group workouts, the rubber band effect is terrible and now the constant moving around makes it even worse.

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I have the same issue. 2 workouts and I had to stop as the avatar was weaving and jerking about on a clear road. I dropped out of the session and it rode in a straight path, even riding through other riders, as it normally does. Any ideas on a timing for a fix?

Same issue for me. Really annoying.

I am still experiencing the issue as well.

This is still happening in Sept 2021. ZA Group Ride workout #3 today in Yorkshire.

I can also notice this phenomenon recently. Me and my girlfriend ride together in a Meetup. Everything seems normal on my screen, but when I look at her screen, my avatar is moving all over the place.
The other day at the Neokyo Badge Hunting event, a participant wrote to me because my avatar seems to be drunk. But everything was normal on my screen. I´m on the latest game version for Windows.

Are you both riding at the same location? If so, it sounds to me like you have connection problems to Zwift’s servers, e.g. your router is having a problem (or something else in the chain of comms).

Bad connectivity makes your avatar seem to weave about to others, because they receive inconsistent data as to your avatar’s position.

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Yes, we are at the same location same network. With her everything is fine.
As I mentioned this also happend in a Event when she wasn´t riding.

I also have the same problem. My avatar appears to ride smoothly on my screen but it others see it jumping all over the road (and off road). I only became aware of this in the past month when a friend began using Zwift so I don’t know how long the issue has persisted for. In the past couple of weeks I’ve checked various technical settings, run updates, etc. and nothing appears to correct this issue. I’m using ant+ on my PC and all the settings appear to be conducive to running this program. Also have checked internet connections at both local and LA servers and they appear to be within acceptable parameters. The computer is not over clocking and the video card is fine as well. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have you tried rebooting your router?