Riders all over the place

Been using Zwift with the same setup for a while. Last 3 rides (TDZ) have been messed up. Starts fine, then 10 minutes or so into the ride, other riders start wildly twitching side to side, a few at first. Next thing you know riders are firing across the screen at 100 mph into buildings, going the wrong way glitching like mad. By the end of the ride riders are grouped in places, their avatars glitching as I ride by, but still being updated in standings. I end up riding by myself. My avatar stays rock solid. Even some riders sitting in places with wheels half buried in the road avatars twitching.

This started little over a week ago and takes any fun out of the group rides. Running Zwift on a fairly stout PC, hard wired to my internet router. Setup has been rock solid until this. Actually still is rock solid for me and my avatar. Is it related to the steering feature?

It sounds like a horror film :rofl:

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Looking through more threads on here sounds like it may be related to this new pack dynamics update they are testing in TDZ makeup rides.

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It sounds more like a network problem to me. Zwift can place your own avatar correctly on the road without any network connection, but it needs the connection to determine where the other rides are.

Try rebooting your router for a start.

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I’ll give it a shot. However, during warm up before the TDZ makeup rides and cool down immediately following the TDZ makeup rides, everything is fine. Yesterday finished the ride (all alone) and I let it take me back to Watopia for a cool down spins and riders all acting normally, no issues.

Looking at my rides, this has happened in TDZ makeup rides, nowhere else for me.

It sounds to more more like a device issue and I’d guess graphics processing unit. Try an IPad if you have access to one.

Zwift renders the scenery and your own rider without any internet connection. But it needs data from the servers as to where the other riders and what they’re doing in order to render them.

You can easily test this by starting a free ride and then turning off the network connection (switching off wifi or pulling out the cable) from your client system. You will continue riding fine, but all the other riders will disappear until you reconnect the network.

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