Hiding option for Zwifters with steering option

Hello Zwift Team,

during the last weeks I participated in the Zwift Academy. During parts of the Academy I was forced to participate in group rides and I had to realize that one thing really annoyed me: Steering idiots!

I don’t mean people trying to ride the optimal line like they would in real life or guys enjoying the off-road content. I’m referring to the people who just keep driving from one side of the road to the other because they can. This behavior brings additional unrest to the ride and is really annoying in the long run!

As riders with steering option should have fun with their hardware, I would appreciate it if there would be an option for me to hide riders using steering option. With the possibility they have their fun and people like me won‘t have to watch unrealistic steering actions which would lead to a lot of crashes in real life.

Thanks in advance for considering this request.

Best regards,

i would take a guess here and say it is not people with steering but people with bad internet connection. People with steering will have a icon net to their name.

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Yeah that’s not people with steering. Was it a group workout?

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Please please please build the ability to block users from seeing you completely on Zwift! We need this for our comfort and privacy!

Gerrie’s right. Writing as someone who has the Sterzo Smart steering block pairing by default, I can confirm that steering is deactivated on all the Academy group rides and workouts (as well as most other group rides), so your observations are erroneous. You can identify people who are actually using steering hardware by the presence of the steering icon in their right-hand column segment (underlined in the image below):


If you look on any Academy group ride/workout images, no one has the steering icon.
I also regularly saw small numbers of avatars weaving, zig-zagging and doing multiple u-turns during the baseline rides and group workouts in which I took part, which, from previous discussion of this problem, seems to be the result of bugs or connection issues.

That extreme movement is not achievable – or desirable – with the steering hardware. Please don’t blanket label people as idiots, especially when your accusations aren’t based on facts.


Yeah, the side-to-side movement was probably just a feature of the current pack dynamics. Annoying as [expletive].


Most likely this issue that happens in group workouts

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You cannot use steering in events, so it is not “steering idiots.” It is likely a lag in either your connection or that of other people. Even if it were people using steering, what you are asking for is to eliminate people who are fairly using the game. You can’t simply delete people you don’t like from the events as they have an impact on pack dynamics and results. Moreover, group workouts are banded and the pack dynamics are not in anyone’s control. If you were in a baseline/finish line ride, then the draft was turned off and pack dynamics were irrelevant. For recovery rides, I will go back to a network-related issue.
Try to enjoy your own ride and not be concerned with what others are doing. Coming on here and calling people “steering idiots” is really not what this community is about.